I used something called “Textra” to write my first-and-only novel. It loaded from a floppy disc (but only after you’d loaded DOS from a floppy). Just the most basic black-screen-glowing-green-letters kind of word processor you can imagine. Now that I’m writing fiction again, I thought I’d try some of these fancy-dancy word processors that are supposed to be better than Word for the particular task of organizing and working through dramatic narratives. I’ve decided to try a bunch of them. This blog will be where I make my notes about each as I use it — sort of “liveblogging” the process of learning each tool, I guess — not a tutorial, not a review, just my notes, literally. I may eventually write up a more formal review or tutorial on the ComicSpace blog (I’ll ultimately be using one of these tools — or not, as the case may be — to write webcomic scripts). But that’s not really my plan. Really, I’m just thinking aloud here, and hoping that my thoughts might be interesting and/or helpful to others as well. I expect to add notes randomly over the next few days or weeks. All of the posts will have the title “Notes on Creative Writing Software: [something]” so you can find them easily if you’re playing along at home.

So far, I’ve downloaded:

Dramatica Pro

I’ll probably pick up a few more downloads over the course of the day, but these three seem to be the ones I’m hearing the most about. Any others you recommend? Oh, I should mention: I’m on a Mac. If you’re not, then much of this won’t be helpful to you, probably.