Game design isn’t the same thing as game programming, in the same way that architecture isn’t the same thing as carpentry. I’m not a game designer or a game programmer, but recent developments in my professional life have caused me to need to have at least a high-level understanding of both. Here’s a list of game design blogs I found that seems like it will be helpful to me, and maybe interesting to you, as well, compiled by game designer Allen Varney (a Facebook friend of a Facebook friend) compiled by an uncredited source (as far as I can tell — if you know who compiled this list, or if you compiled it, please let me know).

I went ahead and subscribed to all of them (the ones that still exist, anyway), and exported the subscriptions into a Google Reader bundle for those of you who’d like to subscribe to them all at once. From there you can export an OPML file for importing into any RSS catcher, if you don’t use Google Reader.

[Corrected the link to the bundle, and added the link to the OPML file.]

[corrected misattribution of list compilation]