It wasn’t a great movie, but it was a very good one, with a truly great, heartbreaking performance by Mickey Rourke. For the movie to be great, Marisa Tomei’s character would have had to have been as complex, and she wasn’t. That whole relationship rang completely hollow to me.

Or maybe that’s just because I’m a fag.

By the way. He makes the right decision in the end, to die (maybe) surrounded by those who love him, the fans and the other wrestlers. Marisa showed up and acted concerned: so what? What does she know? Let’s say he decides not to go in the ring. What are he and Marisa going to do together, really, other than — at best — fumble around a little bit before each of them realizes that it’s not going to work out? And what if it did work out? He dies a few years later, tamed and sad? Not a good ending for the man. Plus: his daughter is lost to him. And why shouldn’t she be? Of course she is. Plus: there’s no way he can go back to that job, either. No. The end is perfect. It’s who he is. It’s what he needs to do. Even if. Maybe especially if.