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The last time she came to New York, she hated it. The weather was too cold, too windy, too too, and there were too many people, too, too much confusion, etc.

There are still too many people and too much everything else. She hasn’t discovered this yet; I write to you from work; she has not yet woken up, is still in nice quiet Bay Ridge. But the weather is beautiful right now, bright sun undercut by just enough of a cool breeze to make walking feel like an entertainment rather than a chore. I hope. Like I said, she hasn’t yet experienced any of this.

She has experienced the airport, the Chili’s in Staten Island (“Is that where the Costanzas from Seinfeld are from?”) and our messy apartment. I’m hoping today she’ll be able to actually enjoy the city. Our plan is as follows: she and Joe will come get me here at the office sometime this afternoon. From there, we’ll go hang out in the Village and end up at Home, a great little restaurant we accidentally found one day when we were cranky and hungry (we left cranky and full, and convinced that the experience of Home when uncranky would be worthwhile). It’s not cheap, but it’s a million times better than the similarly not-cheap nasty food around the office in midtown.

After that, who knows? We might hit TKTS and see what’s up. Hopefully the bomb scare from the other day will still have the power to thin the crowds a bit. Or maybe we’ll just tour, like, you know, tourists.