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28th Street sidewalk treesPlants lining the sidewalk on 28th Street in ManhattanLately Joe and I have been getting off at the 28th Street “R” station, instead of the 34th Street station, on our way to work. It’s about a half-block longer to walk to the office, but the route takes us through what is apparently Manhattan’s biggest wholesale decorative plant district, during that part of the day when all the plants are out on the sidewalk waiting to get picked up by buyers in trucks. And you have to kind of pick your way past the stuff. It’s great. Often you can’t even see the street beside you, the plants get so thick. Some days there are palm trees on every side. Some days, lilacs followed by cedars followed by tea roses followed by random vines. It’s like a narrow sidewalk-sized botanical garden that changes every morning. One of New York’s small pleasures.