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Plinky wants to know if I could live without a car for a year.

When I was in college, my car — the second one my dad had bought me (that’s an important detail) — a Datsun 310 GX, died. Well, actually, I killed it. There was a tiny leak in the radiator, so every now and then it overheated. I never bothered adding water until it was an emergency. Car smelling like molten metal. Steam (smoke?) billowing from under the hood. You can’t just open up the radiator cap in those situations, though. You have to wait until it cools down, which can take a while. One day I discovered that pouring cold water over the engine block could speed the cooldown process considerably.

Some of you probably already see where this is going.

When an engine block cracks, it sounds like ice in a glass when you’re pouring sweet tea over it.

My dad was done with buying cars for me at this point, so — yeah, not only can I live without a car for a year, I have lived without a car. For several years.

Eventually I got a boyfriend who had a car. I’m still with him. We’ve had several cars since then.

So there, Plinky.