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Plinky wants to know what part of life I find the most confusing.

Bourges Cathedral Portal, The Last Judgement

I think I understand, in the abstract, why death makes life more interesting. I imagine we’d all get bored after several eons of existence, and, besides, with no death there are no new generations to come along with new ideas and modes and fashions. But I do not understand why this has to apply, specifically, to me. Or to you, for that matter. Individually, we should be allowed to live for as long as we find doing so interesting. Otherwise, what is the point?

Now, I want to emphasize that I’m not worried about what will happen to me after I die (nothing will happen to me after I die, just exactly the same way that nothing happened to me before I was born). It’s not fear. It’s more like disappointment, or anticipation of disappointment. I don’t want to miss anything cool that might happen after the viewport has been shut down.