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Plinky wants to know what my “favorite quote” is.

Plinky, Plinky, Plinky. I’ve already talked to you about playing the “favorite” card. It looks lazy. High-school yearbookish. But that’s not the worst problem with this question. Here, let me ask you a question, Plinky. You know that we’re all writers here, right? That’s why we use you? That’s why we ever know that you exist? Yes? Then why would you mis-use the word “quote,” when you clearly mean “quotation?” Are you trying to get on our nerves?

But on to the question that I know you meant to ask (which is, of course, what is a thing that somebody said that you think you could write an interesting post about). Here’s mine.

In “Dance This Mess Around,” Cindy Wilson of the B-52’s said, “Why don’t you dance with me? I ain’t no limburger.” What she meant by that was fairly clear, though it must be noted that later she backed off a little bit from this strong statement, by acknowledging that she (or somebody, or something, at any rate), was “just a limburger.”

Just a Limburger, and Some Bread

Why is this my favorite quotation? When I was in middle school, and heard this song for this first time, it made me realize strongly and emphatically that nobody would dance with a limburger. I immediately resolved never to become one.

This is the only reason I was ever able to dance, and I love to dance.

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