I finally went ahead and paid Automattic for the WordPress upgrade that lets me hook up my domain here. I’ve owned that domain for years, but didn’t want to attach it in any meaningful way to this blog until I was pretty sure I was happy with the service here. Which I am, definitively. I’ve always known WP was the best blogging software. Being able to run it without the hassle of maintaining a web hosting account is luxurious, indeed. Things like automatic linking of “similar posts” across the wordpress.com network, the “freshly pressed” functionality helping me find a community of other bloggers, etc., are also very nice. I’ve been much less lonely here than in the old days, when I hosted a constantly out-of-date version of WP on my own.

For now, you shouldn’t have to change anything (bookmarks, RSS feeds, whatever) because mrmanley.wordpress.com should redirect to the new, correct domain. Years down the road, I may get the urge to host my own WP installation again (I doubt it, but maybe), in which case any wordpress.com links you’ve got stuck in a permanent place (like your RSS reader) will go out of date. I’ll warn you well before that happens, though, and it won’t be anytime soon.