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I spent the holiday weekend of July 4th in Haymarket, Virginia, at the house of my good friends Deb and Pat Murphy (parent and step-parent, respectively, of my even better friend Chance). At random, during a lull in the drunken festivities, I snapped a photo of the recycling bin on their patio. I had bought myself a new camera and was taking pictures of everything (you’ve all seen Shiny Danger Tunnel, I presume — another product of that weekend). Here’s the photo:

The Murphy's Recycling Bin

I uploaded it to Flickr, along with all my other photos from that week. It’s nerve-wracking to me to delete a photo until I’ve lived with it a while, and discerned beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is completely useless. I need to live with photos for a few months before killing them. My hard drive is always almost full, though, so off to Flickr they go to await judgement. My Flickr account is like the big middle drawer of my desk: it’s got a bunch of junk in it. It’s got some important gems as well. And I often don’t know which is which.

I wouldn’t have expected anyone to pay attention to this one. But a few days ago, I got this notification from Flickr:

TheTransitCamera (Pro) said: Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Curbside Recycling Boxes, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

So yeah, there’s an entire community of people who like to look at pictures of curbside recycling boxes. Who knew?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: Joey, as a member of the Flickr group Public Bathrooms, who are you  to judge? And you are right. Who am I, indeed, to judge.