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Most of you probably already know this, but some of you definitely don’t: Joe and I are moving back home to Louisville, Kentucky next week. This is not as cataclysmic as it sounds. I’m still employed by E-Line Media (although in a different — and, I hope, more personally and artistically rewarding capacity). I’ve spent plenty of words here bitching about New York City, but now that I’m leaving it, I feel oddly attached to the damn filthy shithole. I’ll be back one week out of every month. Maybe that will be enough New York to enjoy but not enough to disgust.

Speaking of which: there was a rat on the subway platform today.

I felt sorry for the little bugger. There was a woman on the other side shooing it in my direction. I think you can hear her a little bit. It decided it was more scared of me than her. I should have videotaped her reaction when it ran under her feet, but I was so startled I didn’t think to.

Anyway. Back to the subject at hand: our homeward boundedness. My hope is that, this time, we will actually live in our home in Louisville, rather than merely reside in our house there, which is what happened last time around. Joe says he doesn’t catch the difference. I think he will when it happens.