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I didn’t watch the debate between Kentucky Senate candidate (and national figure of fun and fear) Rand Paul and his Democratic opponent, whose name everybody always forgets, and who is going to lose anyway. I did watch some of the highlights, and, boy, let me tell you what. If you think that a vote against Rand Paul is a slam-dunk because you’re a coastal liberal, and you know that I am too, you are wrong. You are right that I am a coastal liberal. You are wrong that a vote against Rand Paul is the obvious thing to do. His opponent, Mr. No-Name, gives as his primary reason for running against Rand Paul, this: Paul was in a college organization that “made fun of Jesus Christ, the Messiah” once.

Apparently this disqualifies a candidate.

No. I’m serious. Really.

What to do in a situation like this?

Voting at all makes one feel dirty here. I’d forgotten that part of living in the south. The first election I ever participated in, back in Alabama, I voted for George Wallace (the “stand in the schoolhouse door” guy) for governor, because his opponent, the former mayor of Montgomery, was advocating putting people with AIDS in concentration camps. Neither Paul nor his opponent is as vile as either of those candidates. But yeeks.