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Gertrude Stein, photographed by Carl Van Vecht...

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I wonder what use Gertrude Stein would have made of blogging tools.

I can’t imagine my other literary heroes, say, William Faulkner, or Virginia Woolf, making use of the web at all. Woolf, well-born snob that she was, would have been horrified by the prospect of the unwashed and underbred masses publishing their thoughts to one another. Ick. For Faulkner, the medium just wouldn’t fit his sensibilities. Just one of his sentences can be longer than a typical blog post. Gertrude Stein, though, would have loved having a machine that let her stick words in people’s heads on a moment’s notice, I’m betting. Twitter would have been her platform of choice, I’m going to say. I’m not going out on a limb here. I’m fairly confident in this. She would have sat around all day, making one- and two- and five-word tweets every seven seconds.


Tillie Labor.

Tillie La.

She would have been almost as annoying as me. She would have been almost as annoying as you.

How would your favorite writers from the past have used this medium?