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I’m still loving reading comics on my iPad. The Comixology app is still my favorite comics-reading interface.

Here are some random thoughts.

Yeah, still mostly superheroes, for damn sure.

Publishers should give you a free digital copy of every physical comic you buy. You take the comic, scan the barcode (or take a picture of it with your phone) and submit that electronically. Digital copy downloads. You now have the “real thing” for your bookshelf, and the “reading copy” for all your devices. Note: I am aware that the chances of this happening are slim to none. Maybe in the distant future, like, five years from now.

I’m less excited by the ability to read comics on my computer now that I own an iPad. Even on the iPad, webcomics aren’t as pleasurable, from a user-interface perspective, as they could and should be, so I find myself gravitating toward native-app comics.

I’m also less excited by the ability to read comics on paper. I find myself trying to pinch-zoom my graphic novels.

Nice to see Templar, Arizona in the Comixology store. Spike’s a very energetic salesperson and go-getter and hard worker, to be sure, and she always has been, but it seems to me that if she’s able to get in, maybe the stories about Comixology being a “pawn of the Majors” or prejudiced against webcomics, or whatever, are untrue, or at least exaggerated.

I’d still like to see more indie material, though — and more literary/artistic material. Where is MOME? Love & Rockets? Best American Comics of [Year]? Dylan Horrocks? Adrian Tomine? Kate Beaton? Comixology, you could have so much more of my money if you carried these comics and these artists! Publishers and self-publishers, you could have so much more of my money if you worked with Comixology!

So. Those are my fairly innocuous and random thoughts. But, well, let’s face it: they are thoughts about digital comics. Which means there will be a flamewar in five, four, three, two …