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A hinge.

A box with a metal hinge, like a jewelry box, or like the chess set that Joe and I bought in Tuscumbia, that lets you carry the pieces around inside the board, because the board is a box with a metal hinge, like a jewelry box. Like that chess set, this box has a pattern of inlaid material — mother of pearl? jade? colored glass? — in rectangular shapes along the top, but they are too narrow and long to be chess squares. They are probably just decorations.

Hands caress the edge of the box, starting at top right of screen (which represents the middle of the edge of the box) and separating from one another, one hand coming downscreen toward the viewer, the other disappearing upscreen.

Both hands are invisible, ultimately, when they open the box.

They open the box.

The closer hand (or, rather, its shadow) caresses, again, the edge (the open edge this time).

We end with the image of the hinge itself, the opposite side of it from the side we saw when the box was closed.