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00:01:10 – 00:01:14

At first we can’t tell what the hand has picked up.

The hand takes it up, whatever it is, manipulating the object in a loop-the-loop, up, around, down, waving his other hand behind it all, the way a magician exaggerates the act of picking up even the slightest thing.

The object comes into focus on the outside of the down-curve, a stack of index cards, or business cards, held together with a twisted rubber band. Both hands grasp the stack at this time, tilting it up and down a bit. The first hand we saw, the right hand, the active one, the one in the foreground, that one, squeezes the edge, tidying the cards together, lining them up more perfectly together, pressing four times.

Alternate reading: the right hand has picked up a single index or business card at first, and, in the course of the loop-the-loop, added it to the pack, which had been held in the left hand, wedging the new card down inside the rubber band.

Either is possible. The latter explains the complicated movement. But it’s difficult to tell. Maybe we will learn more later in the course of the film about this index card or (I am pretty sure it is a) business card.