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Here’s what I bought yesterday in the Comixology app:

Hellblazer # 3 — I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to read all of Hellblazer, from the beginning. I was always curious about the feature, but felt like I would be starting too far behind (I had quit reading comics in the early eighties, a couple of years before this series started, and didn’t start back up until 2000 or so). Even though I’ve complained about the way that Comixology packages the books up into “issues,” I’m finding that it works nicely for me, in this one case. I read the first two last month. When I’m sixty I’ll be caught up to the present! In this issue, 80s greed icons (yuppies, junk bond traders), are shown to be, literally, demons from hell (and by literally, I don’t mean metaphorically). Cute.

Skullkickers #s 1&2 — Jim Zubkavich is a personal friend; his Makeshift Miracle was one of the launch features on my very first webcomics site. I bought it because I know I like him and I know he’s awesome.

Batman # 665 — I own the Morrison Batman stories in trade paperback form now, but find that I prefer reading them digitally. It’s my old eyes. They like the zoom-zoom.

I Kill Giants # 1 — I’ve heard tremendous things about this. Haven’t read it yet.

What did you buy?