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You know the drill. I love reading comics on my iPad. I prefer the Comics by Comixology app. Here’s what I bought this week:

I Kill Giants # 2. I enjoyed the first issue so much that I have decided to stop confusing Joe Kelly with Joe Casey. I will write more about this book when I have read all 7 issues. I could buy them all right now (they’re all available in the store). I am buying them one at a time. I don’t know why.

Batman # 666. Still plowing through all the Grant Morrison Batmans. Same as above: I could buy them all right now. I am preserving the experience of serialization, I guess.

CBGB # 1. I almost went there one time in the early nineties, but ended up at a different bar instead.

Atlas # 1. Why? Dunno.

Elephantmen # 1. Because the series was being featured on the Comixology store front page.

What did you buy?