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We saw these guys in New York a few times. One time when we were going down to the subway station in front of IFC Center. A couple of times at Union Square. Once at Washington Square Park. Their song “Show Me What You Got” is the only original song by a street performer that has ever actually got stuck in my head at random times, when I wasn’t even thinking about, you know, anything. It’s the one they’re singing in the video above, with its catchy but plaintive refrain, “One of these days, I’m going to make it all up to you.”

I didn’t buy the CD or anything. I guess I should get it online. I think I dropped some money in the guitar case that time we saw them outside IFC.

Anyway, they’ve apparently left New York. Just like we did. And are still rocking out in a different world capital! Just like we are! Amazing, the similarities!