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I bought Scrivener a couple of years ago, and have let it languish on my hard drive since that time. I didn’t delete it (the way I did most of the other writing software I bought a few years back) because I could sense an elegant power underneath its inscrutable surface, if you know what I mean. The model was too different for me to get my head around, I guess, what with all the view-changing and the card-shuffling and the “research” folder and so on. I just wasn’t picking it up as I worked through my own projects; the tutorial was too boring; I went back to Word, a surly collaborator with whom I long ago came to something resembling, you know, terms. When I started working on my most recent graphic novel script (a project that involves a lot of research into the war in Afghanistan, and  ancient Greek drama) I decided to pull it out of the drawer and give it another try. I am using it, and finding it useful, but I am not sure that I am using it the way I’m supposed to be using it. I don’t know if that matters, either.  Maybe I should work through that damned tutorial. Anyway, there’s a new updated version, which begged the question: should I go ahead and pay for this software again, though I haven’t used it since I bought it? The answer was, I’m afraid, yes (I’ve always been a tools junkie). I mean, hey. It was only $25.

Now. Help me out, people. Who else is using Scrivener, and in what ways? Do I really have to work through the tutorial? Would anybody be interested in sharing with me one of their .scriv files for a project, so I can get a sense of how they’ve taken advantage of its featureset? And so on?