The most interesting part of this massive interview, for me, was where he professes not to understand why so many reprints of classic comic strip collections are being published these days, right before saying, “They vary in sales, some do better than others. On the whole, I would probably say they do better than brand new graphic novels.” Well, ding ding ding ding ding! There’s your answer!

Even though I’m poor as a stone, I may have to pick up the “Mickey Mouse: Race to Death Valley” book, a collection of one of the great Floyd Gottfredson‘s 1940s storylines from the Mickey Mouse newspaper strip. I could swear that when I was a kid, I had a Disney digest that reprinted this storyline — but in color. Is that possible?

The only comic strip collection I’ve picked up from Fantagraphics so far is the first edition of Thimble Theater, which I found ungainly to read due to its height and width. I want all of them, though — Peanuts, Pogo, you name it. I could maybe do without Dennis the Menace, I guess. Which ones have you picked up? Which ones do you want to?