My first comic was a Richie Rich adventure story sold, suspiciously coverless, in a plastic bag along with a bunch of others, at a Stuckey’s restaurant off some Interstate somewhere in 1971. I know it was 1971 because I know I was six. I know it was Stuckey’s because I also got a Pecan Log Roll. I don’t know which issue of Richie Rich it was, though.

This was not the actual issue. Or maybe it is. I have no clue. I was six for God's sake!

Technically, the Richie Rich was only one of my first comics, not, singularly, my first comic, since there were, after all, other comics in that bag, but I don’t remember those. What I remember: Richie Rich standing on a narrow pathway going up a cliff, his back to the rock, a sweat-bead bigger than his fingers shooting off of his forehead. I imagine Ernie Colon drew this. I loved it. I think I especially loved the colors, which were sort of pastel. I was six. I couldn’t read. And I was hooked.

This is what those bags of comics looked like. Am I the only one with memories of these?

What was your first comic?