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I was scared to serialize my new novel, Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince. I know how difficult it is to build an audience for something new on the web, at this late date. I know how insecure I am. I thought maybe nobody would pay attention, and that that would hurt my feelings.

I decided to half-ass it: post character profiles and other world-building stuffs while I worked on my novel.

I started this week. In case you missed them, I’ve posted one for the Great Hunter, who is going to be Snake-Boy’s mentor, sort of, one for Lady Dogface, who is going to be his only friend in Crimebuster School; and tomorrow there will be one for Sky Lord, the father of Sky Prince.

The response has overwhelmed me.

Don’t get me wrong. The site is not climbing the Alexa charts or anything. But people are responding — including people who aren’t my mother. Including people I’ve never talked to before. And they’re saying nice things to me. I had thought maybe four, five personal friends might come look. It’s tens and tens more than that! And most of them are strangers! Yay! It’s given me more confidence as a writer than I”ve had in years. Thank you for that.

And I’m going all in.

Look for Chapter 1.1: Snake-Boy is Born on Monday, August 8, over at sblsp.wordpress.com.

I am going to try to continue to update almost daily.

Every update won’t be a story chapter. I’ll still use character profiles, and maybe some other world-building stuff, to fill out the schedule, since those can be written independently of whatever is supposed to go before or after them, and held in the hopper until I need them.

But yeah. I’m in. I’m excited.