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My webserial, Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince, is (among many other things) a gay YA romance, so one of the big target audiences (but not the only target audience) is GLBT youth. But I don’t have a big organic community of GLBT youth following me on the social networks or whatever, the way I have a reasonably big community of comics creators and prose writers and non-youthful GLBT folks following me.

I mean: why would I? I’d have had to go trolling for them, they’re not going to come looking for an old dude like me. And that would be creepy. I mean: I use the word “dude,” which means I was alive in the 80s! I’m not somebody they’re going to follow, until and unless they discover this webserial, which they are not going to discover, because they do not follow me.

So. Simple question. Given all that, how do I promote this webserial to GLBT youth in a grassroots way? Without spending money I don’t have, obviously.

Any thoughts?