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I guess it won’t surprise you too much to learn that Snake-Boy, the protagonist of Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince, my current webserial, is going to survive the predicament he’s in at the moment (which could be any number of predicaments, depending on when you’re reading this, but the one in play while I’m writing it is that he’s unconscious on the roof of the home of a superhero/vampire who loves to suck the blood of snake-boys). Anyway. What might surprise you is that Twitter is an anomalous web service that actually spans all space/time and every plane of existence, so his personal Twitter feed (@snakeboysahero) is available for you to follow (along with all the various Hulks). He hasn’t actually started yet (he doesn’t have a computer or cellphone in-story yet), but he will, soon — and some of what he tweets will be story info that’s only available through his Twitter. Nothing absolutely essential to enjoying the serial, mind you — just extra info. Maybe early info. Maybe trivia for the eventual party game.