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If you’d asked me when I was a kid, I would have said I hated Frank Robbins’ funky, twisted compositions. His work didn’t look anything like the Neal-Adams-inspired “realistic” artwork that I would have said that I loved. There was nothing else quite like it in the Marvel Comics of the day. But I bought every issue of The Invaders that he drew.

I look back at those pages now and they look beautiful to me (even with the feathery Vince Colletta inks). Nobody but Kirby did action better in mainstream Bronze Age comics. I think I loved these drawings back then, too. I just didn’t know how to process my appreciation of these weirdly angled squiggles.

Can you think of anything you actually liked as a kid, but you didn’t think you did? Is this even possible? Or am I just trying to retroactively give my childhood a sheen of grown-up aesthetic credibility?