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I am about 1/4 of the way through Grant Morrison’s memoir/book-length essay Supergods. Yes, I’ve read the controversial part where he seems to conclude that Siegel and Shuster got a square deal for Superman, and, no, I don’t have anything to say about that part.

What I will say is this: five years used to make a world of difference in the world of comics.

Fantastic Four # 150, the first Marvel comic I ever bought with my own moneyGrant Morrison was born exactly five years before I was. His childhood comics memories apparently include Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino on the Flash, and Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on the Fantastic Four. Me? By the time I came along, I was handed Cary Bates and Irv Novick on the one, and Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler on the other. He got the Galactus Saga. I got “the wedding of Crystal and Pietro!”

I don’t mean to disparage any of those creators. But it just doesn’t seem fair.