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I’m experimenting with e-book production for the eventual commercial publication of my work-in-progress, Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince (the first draft of which is being serialized in public over here while I write it).

I’ve prepared the first draft of the first chapter in EPUB and .mobi formats. This should make it readable on the iPad, iPhone, the Kindle, all the Kindle apps, the Kobo, the Nook, and any number of other devices and apps.

Thing is, I don’t have all those devices and apps. I have an iPad, an iPhone, a Mac, a Windows PC (with a partition running Ubuntu) and, um, that’s it, and that’s a lot — but that’s not enough for true testing.

So, yeah. Could you help me out? Especially those of you with Nooks, Kobos, and super-especially those of you with Actual Kindles of various types?

I know that Kindle users should download the .mobi version, and that the EPUB version works for iBooks. Beyond that, I’m not sure which version you Nook, Kobo, etc. users would use.

Here are the links:

EPUB version

.mobi version

I don’t know how to import the book into a Kindle. I’m assuming you Kindle owners do. Likewise Kobo and Nook. If somebody wants to add that info to the comments, I’d be appreciative.

Here’s how to import the book into iBooks:

a). download the file.
b). in iTunes, choose “File -> Add to Library”
c). navigate to the epub file and add it.
d). go to the “books” tab and tell iTunes to include that book the next time you sync.

Once you’ve got the file downloaded into your reader of choice, have a look. Let me know, here in the comments, if there are any formatting weirdnesses or bugs that jump out at you — and also what ereader you’re using, what version of the software, etc. Screenshots would be helpful, too, if possible!