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There are plenty of recipes for Chicken Tagine out there on the Internet, but I’m determined to cook the one that calls for smen — because otherwise why bother?

Joe has a Moroccan co-worker who told us he buys smen at Meijer’s, a kind of less-widespread Super Wal-Mart type store that they have around here. We went to the closest Meijer’s last night, but all they had was ghee. They were also out of cilantro! Worthless! We are going to try the Meijer closer to that guy’s house this afternoon (we tried to call him yesterday and ask about which Meijer he goes to, but he wasn’t at work, and Joe doesn’t really know him well enough to call his home.)

Here’s how to make preserved lemons.

Artwork from Detective Picture Stories # 1 (not to be confused with Detective Comics # 1). It has been represented to me that this artwork is in public domain. Even if it isn’t, I claim Fair Use, bitches!