One time when I lived in San Francisco there was a beggar in a wheelchair in the McDonald’s dining room. He went all the way down the line of people waiting to order, asking for money. I was not the only one who said no! We all did. After I got my food — a Double Quarter Pounder combo, if I recall correctly — I realized I had to pee, so I left it on my table and went to pee. When I got back, the guy in the wheelchair had pulled up to my table and was eating my food like a maniac. Like a fiend! Nobody else in the dining room would meet my eye.

I was so angry! This makes me an evil capitalist, like Mitt Romney. I went across the street and ate at Boston Market, I was so angry.

Artwork from Detective Picture Stories # 1 (not to be confused with Detective Comics # 1). It has been represented to me that this artwork is in public domain. Even if it isn’t, I claim Fair Use, bitches!