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The vet we go to is way out in Shively, which used to be its own redneck town, but is now the redneck southwest side of Louisville. It’s crazy there. You can’t get an appointment — you just have to show up. They put you in the queue. It takes several hours just to get your dog seen. They will let you drive around in your car or whatever and call you on your cellphone. They also don’t take credit cards. I think it’s a mafia operation or something. But that makes no sense, either. Why would the mafia run a veterinary clinic? They’re the cheapest in town, and they do great work, but it does blow a whole day to go there. It’s worth it though!

Artwork from Adventures into the Unknown # 1. It has been represented to me that this artwork is in public domain. Even if it isn’t, I claim Fair Use, bitches!