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All the characters are set up now. The plot is finally kicking in. Does that make you happy? I hope that makes you happy.

It was a mounted snake-boy, severed at the torso, its face and shoulder-snakes posed in a flamboyantly vicious manner, reaching out much farther into the air in the middle of the room than any of the other extremities of any of the other hunting prizes. It had obviously been there for a while: the skin of the thing was five shades darker than Snake-Boy’s own, dusty and hardened, and cracking, like a set of worn-out, been-around-the-world alligator boots.

“It didn’t have a soul, so it doesn’t matter,” he said. “I’m the only Snake-Boy with a soul.”

“You don’t sound like you believe that,” said Lady Dogface. “You don’t believe that.”

Go, read or get yourself up to speed with the recap of what’s gone before first. I don’t care! Either way is fine by me!