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I shouldn’t have told you that we lapse every July.

I mean, we do. I just shouldn’t have told you.

I’m hoping the weight stays off this time. If I weighed every time I went to the gym, I would know if this weight loss was real. I’d have seen it slowly coming off. I like surprises, though, so I only weigh once a month. Yay surprises!

My current podcast faves are:

  • Podcastle: readings of short fantasy stories.
  • KCRW’s Bookworm: interviews with (mostly) “mainstream” literary authors.
  • iFanboy’s Pick of the Week: Even when I wasn’t buying comic books, I enjoyed listening to these guys review them every week. Even when I do buy comic books, I almost never agree with their opinions. But that’s not what’s important! What’s important, then? Just that I enjoy listening!

Artwork from Adventures Into the Unknown # 1. It has been represented to me that this artwork is in public domain. Even if it isn’t, I claim Fair Use, bitches!