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Two long, plot-filled updates in three days. What have you done to deserve this? I do not know what you have done. If you’d like to retroactively earn it, like that character at the end of Saving Private Ryan is commanded to do, then you’d better get to sharing & promoting and tweeting about the greatest gay superhero teen romance webserial that there is! Chop, chop, now. But first, go read:

Lady Dogface sat beside Sky Prince.

Now he was crying in earnest: great, heaving, tearless sobs.

Snake-Boy sat on the other side of Sky Prince.

“You,” said Sky Prince. He didn’t look at Snake-Boy. He looked straight ahead. “You are the love of my life.” He put his hand across Lady Dogface’s shoulders. He didn’t look at her, either.

Lady Dogface licked his ear until he giggled.

“No, I’m not,” she said.

He took his arm off of her shoulders, set it down between them. Sky Prince made his sullen face slightly more sullen. But he also looked a little pleased.

Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince chapter 3.2.3: The Return of the Father!