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It started when we lived in Brooklyn, and we were just literally too busy to do anything about it. Get up, move the car so we didn’t get a ticket, spend two hours on the train, work eight to ten hours, two more hours on the train, get home, move the car so we didn’t get a ticket, walk the dogs, eat, bed. That was Brooklyn. Our life has settled down a lot since we moved back home, but we still haven’t done anything about the problem.

You don’t get water in your face when you’re driving or anything. Don’t get me wrong. We’re not that lazy.

But when it rains all night, there’s water in the floorboards, at least an inch or two. Seems that the sunroof is supposed to drain through a hollow space between the doors or something, and that’s where the leak or the clog or whatever is. We’re not the only owners of Saturn Vues who have this problem. Oh, yeah: I haven’t been too lazy to research this matter on the Internet. Ha! I’ve just been too lazy to do anything about it!

Joe’s no better. His current plan is to seal the sunroof with caulk. But he hasn’t done that, either.

Today’s artwork is from Poppo of the Popcorn Theater # 11. I have been led to believe that this artwork is in the public domain. Even if it is not, I claim Fair Use, clowns!

Poppo of the Popcorn Theater, by the way, is billed as “the clown who couldn’t help loving children.” Let that chill you deeply to the bone for a second there, or two or three.