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Quailman: his secret identity was Bob White.

King Cobra: I still like this name for a comic book character.

Golden Eagle: ditto. I mentioned this character in a letter that I sent to the lettercol of The Justice League, and a few months later, a character with the same name appeared therein. Coincidence? I think so, actually. But I like to think not …

The Power Pack: this was before Marvel’s Power Pack. Mine were a cross between the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. I mentioned these characters in a fan-letter I wrote to Jim Shooter and … well. You know.

Snowman: wore a parka. I think that that was his only discernible trait. Influenced by my dad’s tenure working as a welder on the Alaska Oil Pipeline during this time.

Lioness: I never actually made up any stories about her, but in the “Bullpen Bulletins” I wrote for the other comic books I made, I would always talk about what was happening in the latest issue of “The Lioness” — a one-sentence teaser for a story that I never intended to actually think through. “Lioness in ‘The Clutches of the Cog’!!!” Stuff like that.

Kitty-Cat: a cheesecake variation on the Lioness. I actually did write a Kitty-Cat story. My friend Bill Anderson (who went on to do some inks for Marvel in later years) drew it, and we submitted it to Charlton. Never heard back from them. The story was about drugs. I’d been reading Frank Miller’s Daredevil. Kitty-Cat referred to people as “scum” fairly often.

Galaxy Girls: a group of scantily-clad females who roamed the galaxy. I was heavily influenced by Heavy Metal at the time. Ironically enough, I already knew I was gay. Cheesecake appeared to me as just another genre, like superheroes or horror. I didn’t “get” the real reason behind it, I think, until much later.

Plaster-Man. This was a parody of Plastic Man (which was itself a parody). Ended up just being Plastic Man fanfic. My friend Ben Adams drew it until he decided, correctly, that we both could be spending our time doing better, more original things.