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I do think large sodas are bad for society. I do. If people were proactively choosing larger sizes, maybe I’d think otherwise. But for some bizarre reason, larger sodas are being forced upon us. It’s not just that the largest available sizes have gotten larger; it’s that the smallest sizes have, too. When I order a small soda at the movie theater, what they give me is a 20oz cup — or what we used to call “a large soda” when I was a kid. Always makes me have to pee in the middle of the third act.

I also think mayor Bloomberg is overreaching in his call to ban large sodas in the city of New York.

I also think that I don’t give one tiny goddam about the inconveniences that New Yorkers have to face, because they themselves clearly don’t. Otherwise, they wouldn’t live there. As inconveniences go, having to buy three medium sodas in order to get your diabetes on is nothing compared to the other crap New Yorkers put up with every day. New York is the inconvenient hellhole where well-meaning multi-millionaires choose to live in order to punish themselves for their own success. They imagine it makes them human to suffer.