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We didn’t have a comic book shop in Russellville, Alabama when I was growing up. The nearest one was “The Great Escape” in Nashville, two hours away. But no matter. New comics were purchasable at Cole’s Big Star, as well as several convenience stores around town.

There was a used paperback store in Florence, Alabama that had a pile of three-to-five year-old comics in one corner: Red House Books. That’s where I bought this:

I also bought my copy of Giant-Size X-Men # 1 there, for fifty cents, after it was already worth about fifty dollars. They wised up eventually and got themselves an Overstreet Price Guide and priced everything exactly according to it.

I hear there’s another character active in the Marvel universe these days named Warlock, a member of the New Mutants, so they always have to refer to the real Warlock as “Adam Warlock” now. That is so stupid that it’s extra-stupid. They stepped on their own trademark! What were they thinking?

I’ve just realized that Warlock’s tagline, “The Man Who Stalked the Stars” makes him sound like one of those fans that Hollywood celebrities occasionally have to file restraining orders against. Be assured: his stories are nothing like that. His stories are awesome.