As some of you know, I have been serializing my next novel, Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince, on its own blog — over here — for the past year or so.

What most of you don’t know is that I went down a wrong turn on Chapter Three. It’s not unfixable. It’s not even major. I jumped forward into the future near the beginning of that chapter, then had to go into a flashback to catch everybody up to things that had happened in the meantime. Problem is, I jumped way too far into the future, so the flashback is having to encompass pretty much the events of the entire book. I jumped all the way to the climax of the novel, way, way, way too early.

It’s an easy enough fix. If I hadn’t been serializing. But I have been.

So what should I do? I’ve already started over, rewriting the whole book with an eye toward ironing out that structural flaw when I get to it. The book will be much better because of this revision.

But people have been following the version online. Not many people. But people all the same.

Here are some possible ways to deal with this problem:

1. Tag everything I’ve done so far “Draft One”, tuck it away on the website — still available, but not prominently — and start up serializing “Draft Two”?

2. Quietly delete everything I’ve done so far and replace it with the revised version up to the beginning of Chapter Three, and start re-serializing there?

3. Stop serializing and wait until I have finished the novel? Maybe serialization isn’t for me. My process has, in the past, involved lots of fits and starts.

I await your verdict, Internet!