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I prefer reading books in iBooks, mainly because of the note about how many pages are left in the current chapter. That’s the kind of thing I like to know. Even when reading print books, I flip ahead to the end of the chapter I’m on and stick just a little bit of the tip of my finger there, so I can see how far I have to go. It seems like a silly preference, but it’s a preference, so there you go.

I prefer buying books from Amazon, though. There are plenty of great books in the iBooks store, and if I pretend that those are the only books in the world, I can always find something great to read. It has never been the case that I’ve looked for something specific — a book somebody recommended, or something I remember reading once and want to read again — and found it in the iBooks store. Anything specific that I’m looking for is just never there. It’s almost always in the Amazon store. Granted, I’m almost never looking for current bestsellers. I like shopping with the knowledge that everything I probably want is probably available. So I like shopping at Amazon.

Here’s how it plays out: I buy all my “bought ebooks” at Amazon, and read them in the Kindle app. Any books I don’t buy, though — samples from writer friends, or free Gutenberg classics — I download as ePubs to read in iBooks.

What’s your preference?