I’ve seen this photograph, framed on walls, in various spots in Louisville — barber shops, gastropubs, frame shops, the kind of places that truck in grubby Old Louisville nostalgia. Invariably, the caption beneath the photo, if there is one, states that the photographer was standing on Logan Street, looking south. But that can’t be. Turns out this was an old insurance adjuster’s photo (according to the digital archive of the University of Louisville), and apparently he got it wrong when he labelled it way back in 1935. I know because I live here. The photographer is clearly standing on Oak Street, looking west through the Logan Street junction. The big cathedral building in the background, left-hand side, one block down, is on the corner of Oak and Shelby. You cannot see it from Logan Street looking south.

The photographer was actually standing on the 900 block of east Oak Street, looking west. See:

I know you don’t really care. But it bothers me. Have I become a tiny, cranky, old crank of a tiny man? I guess so.