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People need to cool down about this election in particular and politics in general.

As a liberal supporter of Obama, it saddens me to see my liberal friends threatening to de-friend their conservative friends and family members on Facebook for supporting Romney/Ryan. Some of my best friends are Republicans. They will come around someday, I’m sure of it. Ha! I’m not going to be able to help them see the light if I stop talking to them, am I? I’m sure they feel the same way about me.

Yesterday as I was driving over the bridge to southern Indiana, a guy almost ran me off the road, screaming, and giving me a thumbs-down out his window. I realized later (after he passed, and I saw the seven Romney bumper stickers on the back of his truck) that it was because of my Obama sticker.

And then there’s this complete asshole who wants to split the country into two countries, along the very lines that we cemented in place with the blood of our bloodiest war, just because “his” side of the country is richer and more liberal and better educated and smarter and “the other” side is stupid and hates the gays and gets on his nerves. Fuck that. I’m “a gay” who came from there: where would his plan have left me? It would have left me in an underfunded theocratic state, unable to escape, that’s where.


We are each other’s conscience. Our disagreements fuel our engine. This country works because of our opposing and competing dynamics, not in spite of them. People, we have to be able to talk to one another. We have to live in the same country. We are the same country.

You’re sick of politicians arguing with insane single-mindedness, and refusing to listen to one another? Look in the mirror. It’s our own fault, each and every one of us. Gridlock starts at home.