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Of exactly what crime is the turkey being pardoned? Why won’t the government tell us what this turkey did? Have all turkeys committed this crime, some sort of Original Turkey Sin? If so, why did Obama choose this particular turkey to pardon? What kind of arrangement has been made? Is it true that, once pardoned, the turkey in question cannot be forced to testify in the Benghazi hearings? Or the Solyndra hearings? Or the Petraeus hearings? What does this mean about the turkey’s involvement in these scandals, and how can we get at the truth now that Obama has pardoned the turkey? Can we? Does the pardon only apply to criminal matters, or can the turkey be brought to justice in a Civil Court suit? Will Congress do anything about the matter? The Supreme Court? In the country of Turkey, by the way, the most popular religion is Islam — coincidence?

Why did Obama wait until after the election to pardon this turkey?

Is there more to this story than meets the eye?

I’m not making any accusations. I am only asking questions! You decide!

1926: Mrs. William E. Dever holding a hatchet and standing next to a turkey in a room in Chicago, Illinois, from the Library of Congress’ American Memory repository.