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So I got a Chromebook (the $250 Samsung one),to replace my stolen MacBook Pro (the $2500 one). With all the problems that my Windows computers have had over the years, I just couldn’t bring myself to get a Windows laptop (never going back! never!), and I can’t afford even a MacBook Air right now. I wanted something lightweight, quick to boot, and unvirusable (insomuch as that last thing is even possible). I will mostly use it to work on my novel when I’m at coffeeshops, or look up stuff mentioned on the television when I’m in my living room.

So far I’m loving the Chromebook. Superfast, super-lightweight (all solid state electronics, no hard drive), supercheap, and there are more web apps out there, to do more things, than I ever realized. Sumo Paint for Photoshoppy stuff (not nearly as good as Photoshop, of course, but not nearly as crappy as GIMP), Outliner of Giants for outlining — plus, of course, the old, more-famous standbys like Evernote and Kindle Cloud Reader. There are even several IDEs for developing PHP apps (and other kinds of apps) out there. One thing that concerned me about switching to a “dumb” device was losing the ability to be anything other than a consumer of computing services, and not a creator of them — coding is power. I’m glad to know that I don’t have to give that up.



I’m not superthrilled with Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs) for writing my novel in, mainly because of the poor organizational system. Every document you’ve ever written shows up on the left. I hate having to be reminded of the existence of stuff I wrote five years ago every time I work on my book. I’m betting I find an alternative. I’m waiting for them to turn my old Zoho Writer account back on right now, for example, (apparently they changed their codebase and didn’t migrate accounts unless you were using the service, or unless you come in years after using it and politely ask, which I have done). Or I could just use Evernote, couldn’t I?

I hope I continue to love this thing. I’ll keep you posted!