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Last night I made this up with ingredients that were in the house. I’m writing it down here so that I can make it again. It’s not a formally structured recipe, but it’s close. It was pretty nomlicious. I’m sharing this publicly so that my friends who are more experienced cooks than I am can maybe make suggestions on how to improve it.

You’ll need:

about a cup of Kalamanta olive brine
a couple of cloves of garlic, minced
small amount of olive oil
3 boneless chicken breasts
one tablespoon each mustard seed, celery seed, and paprika
salt & pepper
handful each of walnuts & raisins
about a cup of half & half

Marinate chicken breasts in olive brine for no less than an hour.

Preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit.

Heat olive oil on the stove eye in a skillet that you can also put in the oven safely.

Cook minced garlic in the olive oil until it’s brownish.

Pat boneless chicken breasts dry, then season with mustard seed, celery seed, paprika, salt and pepper.

Brown chicken breasts on both sides, quickly, in the skillet.

Cover chicken breasts with a handful of walnuts and a handful of raisins.

Put skillet in oven for about 15 or 20 minutes, or until internal temp of chicken breasts is where you want it to be (I go for 145 degrees).

Take chicken out of the skillet and set aside, leaving walnuts & raisins in the skillet. Put skillet on stove eye & turn up to “high.”

Deglaze pan with half & half; cream will thicken. This happens quickly. Soon as the half & half gets bubbly, take it off the eye (don’t just turn the eye off) and pour cream, walnuts and raisins over chicken breasts. May want to add salt to sauce.